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Trailblazing industry entrepreneurs are multi-talented and multi-tasking, relying on Shapeways for 3D printing expertise. From concept to production—and from the small to large scale—manufacturing of high-performance products is no solo act.

Featured Case Studies

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Flamingo Works
Flamingo Works designs 3D printed learning platforms for robot-assisted surgeries that are colorful, engaging, and unlike anything most of us have ever seen. The team of industrial designers engineer prototypes and end products that are ‘smart and useful,’ along with creating test concepts and designing human interfaces.
Shapeways worked with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Sitara Systems on a 3D printed Zebrafish Display. 477 zebrafish are featured in 3D print at Dana-Farber, embedded with the latest in high-tech innovation while placing extra priority on cancer patients constantly at risk from germs—leading to the novel, touch-free design and technology.

Additional Case Studies

Tapperworks Case Study

Tapperworks and Shapeways came together to 3D print The Village, one of the most challenging architectural design projects undertaken by Tappeworks.

Verner Architects Case Study

Verner Architects recently designed a bathroom vanity inspired by coral reefs and printed using SLS technology for water-resistance and durability.
Multiple 3D printed MagMounts

67 Designs Case Study

67 Designs CEO Gavin Stener believes in the power of 3D printing for high-end adventure vehicle accessories like iPad mounting systems.
3D printed sensor case in a beehive

BeeHero Case Study

Israeli pollination experts 3D print for better monitoring and sensing devices in smart beehives.
BotFactory – the cable holder

BotFactory Case Study

BotFactory believes that anyone, anywhere, should have access to rapid prototyping. They 3D print with Shapeways to create parts for their PCB printers.

Evan Gant Case Study

Although high quality and reliability in products are always critical, these days scalability is necessary to the success of most modern businesses.

HeartBeatDress Case Study

The HeartBeatDress demonstrates an incredible combination of 3D printed fashion design and technology.
Hero Forge 3D printed miniature

Hero Forge Case Study

Hero Forge and Shapeways collaborate to 3D print gaming miniatures with loads of accessories, all in High Definition Full Color.
Old Man miniature 3D printed in full color

Mimaki Case Study

The Shapeways and Mimaki partnership results in high-quality, accurate color products for customers.

Snooz Case Study

Snooz 3D printed countless prototypes for their sleeping fan. After 100+ test models, Snooz was able to go from testing to making functional parts.
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Tilt Hydrometers in multiple colors

Tilt Hydrometer Case Study

Shapeways 3D printing helps Tilt Hydrometer dial into the center of gravity for home brewing beer.
Aerial shot of 3D printed drone above roof

eBook: The Intersection of Drones and Additive Manufacturing

This eBook offers valuable information on drone product development, materials, and technology.

Kespry Case Study

Kespry worked with Shapeways to manufacture lightweight, industrial drones on-demand. 3D printing improved speed, delivery, and led to successful growth in business.

Quantum Systems Case Study

Quantum Systems uses 3D printing to create quality prototypes to test parts for their drone technology. Industrial materials allow for lightweight yet durable parts.
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The Elements ‘Water’ bracelet by Groen & Boothman

Groen & Boothman "Elements" Series

Designers Groen & Boothman use silver and other precious metals to create elegant 3D printed jewelry that features luxurious handcrafted touches.

Groen & Boothman Case Study

Groen & Boothman used SLS 3D printing and Nylon 12 [Versatile Plastic] for their latest luxury jewelry series. The custom cuff bracelets feature unique handcrafted touches.

Kova Case Study

Kova by Sascha designs crowns and head-pieces that are made with industrial 3D printing at Shapeways.
3D Rendering-Spine

Armor Bionics Case Study

Shapeways 3D prints medical models for Armor Bionics to help better the outcome of every surgery where they are used.

Dana-Farber Case Study

Sitara Systems and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute worked with Shapeways on a complex 3D printed Zebrafish Display.
Shapeways offers world-class 3D printing services

Flamingo Works Case Study

Flamingo Works created a new learning system for surgeons taking on robot-assisted surgeries and uses Shapeways to 3D print these parts.

Lumino Case Study

LUMINO has created mask designs that accentuate most typical face coverings—adding different facets for added protection and using 3D printing for mass production.
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Luxmea Case Study

LuxMea Studio began 3D printing bespoke masks that can be individually customized using artificial intelligence (AI), and are extremely stylish.

Voytek Case Study 2021

Voytek has 3D printed a useful design for the medical industry. The sophisticated medical cable organizers use a superior material that are resistant to hospital cleaning chemicals.

Voytek Case Study 2022

Voytek Medical and Shapeways have been working together since 2015 in 3D printing products that lock patient cables to corresponding medical equipment.

My Track Technology Case Study

3D printed test models for MTT electric remote-controlled track vehicles are critical to their process. Rapid prototyping plays a huge role in the success of their products.
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