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Robotics and 3D printing are a perfect pair, presenting infinite opportunities to advance in design, technology, and product development. Shapeways has a long history in supporting robotics engineers, encouraging customers to turn concepts and designs into high-performance systems–all made possible through access to the most advanced 3D printing materials and technology.

3d printed robotics

History of 3D Printed Robotics

The history of robotics and its initial inception is up for debate, from ancient times with the creation of rudimentary automations to more realistic robotic devices in the 1950s. The pairing of 3D printing and robotics, however, was almost simultaneous. 3D printing is a highly robotic process itself, and of course 3D printer parts can be 3D printed themselves. Initiatives like RepRap defined this association in the early 2000’s, 3D printing robotics which could then in turn 3D print more parts. From there, applications have expanded from 3D printed robots on the assembly line to 3D printed bionic arms to increasingly more realistic discussions about 3D printed robots that could 3D print habitats for space colonies.

Successful 3D printing begins with customization, circling back to the most classic benefit: the ability to create complex geometries not possible with traditional manufacturing. The integration of robotics takes it all to a new level, whether a patient seeks a personalized robotic arm or an industrial company endeavors to use soft robotics founded on sensors and actuators capable of gripping and performing critical tasks.

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3d printed custom robot design

Robotic Design

From a rapid prototype to a finished product, 3D print custom robot designs, choosing from over 90+ materials and finishes.

  • Affordable, industrial-grade prototypes
  • No minimum orders
  • Perfect for complex designs that integrate multiple functions into one part

Robotic Modifications

Develop unique modifications for your robotic needs.

  • Custom housings and parts
  • Tooling and jigs
  • Replacement parts
  • Durable and long-lasting materials from steel to nylon

3d printed robotic arms

Robotic Prosthetics

Develop custom 3D printed robotic limbs designed for a perfect fit and ergonomic design.

  • Human prosthetics
  • Animal prosthetics
  • Robotic attachments and parts

3D Printed Robots Come in All Sizes

3D printed robotics encompass smaller projects like robotic arms, as well as gripping, clamping, and clasping mechanisms. Many robotics designers are also involved in 3D printing drone frames and complex drone parts with many special features. 

Robotics are often created in large batches, intended to perform the same duties–on an assembly line, for instance. Shapeways production ensures accuracy and repeatability in parts so that each 3D printed robot is created identically, providing consistency in every project or task. 

No matter the size or complexity of the 3D printed robotics project, 3D printing makes the process faster and more efficient. Designers and engineers enjoy tremendous freedom in design, the ability to customize as needed, and unlimited opportunities to iterate during robotics product development.

Case Studies

Manufacture high-quality products in over 90 of the best materials and finishes, from plastics to metals.

Shape Robotics
Shape robotics case study

Shape Robotics Case Study

Since we first launched, Shapeways has been passionate about supporting innovation in the robotics industry, developing accessible tools and high-quality, flexible materials that expand what’s possible. With Shapeways, building robots is easy – even non-experts can design and create their own parts and systems, turning their ideas into reality.
How Shapeways lets robotics students’ imaginations run wild.


The Shapeways Advantage

Leading-Edge Manufacturing Technology

We use the most advanced manufacturing technology and materials from cutting-edge industry leaders.

3D Printing On Demand

Whether you need to prototype one part or enable mass customization on a single product, Shapeways has the manufacturing technology to meet your needs

90+ Materials

With over 90 materials ranging from versatile plastic to steel, aluminum and other precious metals, we have what you need for any case.

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