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ceramicwombat @myeagle2001 Yep, you can do this by painting them with acrylic craft paint, allowing them to dry, and then scrubbing them vigorously with a rough cloth. For a bloody loo, try a coat of bright red over a coat of dark red. That way the paint will be bright red in the deep crevices with an edging dried blood dark red.
ceramicwombat @shadowkat678fic Hah! Yes, it is available individually at
ceramicwombat @jameslui923 It's still showing as $119 for me. Where are you seeing $142?
ceramicwombat @Sam1000 That is an unacceptable amount of polishing medium to remain after polishing. It's like the processing crew forgot to clean these at all. Please send this picture to I will also register a complaint with them.
ceramicwombat @Sam1000 I'm sorry Shapeways didn't completely remove the polishing medium from these before sending them out. I have a disclaimer on my dice sets that tend to trap polishing medium, but it's usually not a problem with this set. A pin works best for popping the polishing medium out of crevices.
ceramicwombat commented on Thorn Dice Set by ceramicwombat
February 5, 2020
ceramicwombat @macabreleopard They are very light in plastic. They still roll, but they are a bit like tumbleweeds.
ceramicwombat @vretial Unfortunately, the details of this set are too fine to print in Shapeways steel.
ceramicwombat @vretial No, the cast metals must be cast individually. You can order them individually in metals at
ceramicwombat commented on Botanical Dice Set by ceramicwombat
November 16, 2018
ceramicwombat @the_ROBOTS Wow! Those look great!
ceramicwombat @amqueue When you paint on the Shapeways versatile plastic, prime the models with an acrylic clearcoat. The plastic is porous and you will have better results with painting if you seal it with clearcoat first. A second clearcoat after you are done painting will preserve the finish.
ceramicwombat @amqueue The material is now called Polished Bronze-Silver Steel
ceramicwombat commented on Helix Dice Set by ceramicwombat
November 7, 2018
ceramicwombat @amqueue Thanks! The internal structure is quite complex and I'm glad you like it.
ceramicwombat commented on Premier Dice Set by ceramicwombat
October 24, 2018
ceramicwombat @amqueue Ah, gotcha. For plastic, you'll want to get a small box to protect them when carried in a larger bag or container.
ceramicwombat @amqueue The various metals are not squishable. Mine have lived in a dice pouch in my gaming bag for eight years now with no visible wear.
ceramicwombat commented on Pinwheel Dice Set with Decader by ceramicwombat
September 24, 2018
ceramicwombat @Badger74 Yes, they are designed to be balanced.
Cribbage pegs! Check out the page for pics in natural brass and painted natural brass.
The Intangle Dice Set with Decader -


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